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"Tryst with Dolphins" is a delight for first time or veteran 'whodunit' enthusiast. Bremmer masterfully creates real to life characters that are toyed with un-forgivingly by a killer. The suspense generated throughout the story is like a haunting and sinister melody your mind refuses to turn away from. This book is orchestrated in such a way that shrewd readers will be able to solve the mystery based on facts, timing, and ever present clues Bremmer sculpted into story. As an added thrill for the reader, Bremmer has woven an "elusive clue" word puzzle into the book. This "elusive clue" boldly states "whodunit"! Any reader who thinks that he/she has discovered the "elusive clue" is invited to contact the author via the email address on the back of the book. So far no reader has come forward with the correct answer demonstrating that the "elusive clue" will be a challenge for the most diligent puzzle loving sleuth. The characters think, talk and react like real people.  A fun read!!


Want a Kindle version?  Click here  $4.99