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The books are traveling!!!

Check out a few of the reviews from the kids reading SECRET OF DRAGONFLY ISLAND.

Keep those reviews coming!  I love them.


P.A. Bremmer


... I can't stop reading this amazing book.  I want to read more of your books.  I love all the mystery and suspense.


…I finished your book and it was great. My favorite character was Trystan. I thought he was a good leader and really cool. I hope that you write another book for this series. 


…I think it's a really good book! I liked every single part, especially the end. I think it should be a book of the year.


…Secret of Dragonfly Island is an engrossing read- I read it in one sitting. P. A. Bremmer skillfully blends fantasy and mystery together to create a lovely novel. The story moved along at a brisk pace. The story was very descriptive, and I had no trouble visualizing the different characters. 
I enjoyed the uniqueness of the plot, and the fact that it was not another story about vampires/ werewolves/ wizards. The setting was also a nice change from a lot of literature, and provided a different aspect on the story. I can't wait to see what you write next!


…Thank you so much for letting me read your book!!!!!!!! It was sooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!


…The books really kept my attention and had some really cool twists and ideas!!!

…Brianna & Mac

…Thank you for allowing me to read Secret of Dragonfly Island. I enjoyed your book. I found that the characters were quite amusing. The dragonflies are a very good red herring. I thought Lizzie was certainly an excellent addition.