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Bremmer finally shares more about psychic Jennifer Parker (Elusive Clue Series) and her family history when Jennifer must help her young niece, Shayne.

Shayne Nicole Hartley woke, frightened by her recurring nightmare. Why does she keep having these dreams and what do they mean?

Shayne’s mother knows exactly what’s been happening to her seventeen-year-old daughter. Her worst fears have come true, her daughter inherited the family curse--she’s psychic.

Delaware, a gothic classmate, bumps into Shayne in the hall, their eyes meet. Shayne’s disturbed by her cold dull stare. Delaware exits the school and is killed in a tragic accident. Moments later, she appears to Shayne in the girl’s bathroom.

Shayne shares her secrets with her best friend, Simorn, who desperately needs her help when her father, Perry, is arrested for the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend, school counselor, Holly Weston.

The two girls, aided by Aunt Jennifer Parker, and the kind, rugged, Detective Glen Karst work together to hone Shayne’s skills.

Through a series of dreams, visions, and help from several dead people, the truth is exposed and Shayne has a new outlook on life and her curse turned gift.

Available in paperback September 1st.

Available now in Kindle! Click here $4.99