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Glen Karst, Denverís best homicide detective, is obsessed with a serial killer snuffing young theatre actors faster than the critics. These rising stars never see it coming, and the anger exhibited by the killer is cold, merciless, and escalating. The sociopath has no trouble dropping the curtain on anyone, including the detectives investigating the case!

Karstís childhood on a ranch forged his values, ethics, and hardened steel body. His western tailored shirt, over his muscled physique, combined with his boots and duster stand out in the city, among any crowd.

Rebecca, a beautiful woman cut from the same cloth, caught his eye. The inevitable romance is headed in the right direction until his case takes on a new slant when the serial killer ventures into Karstís personal life. The phantom killer leaves the backstage shadows to expand the hunting ground away from the downtown Denver theatres.

Detective Karst is forced to face a moral dilemma when Rebeccaís life is threatened and he must decide whether to kill the assailant with his bare hands or follow his training as a cop. Which will he decide?


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