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Two charred bodies and an absentminded witness spells "tough case" for Glen Karst, Colorado's best detective. With a body that resembles a Roman athlete carved into marble by Michelangelo and a western flair to his wardrobe, Karst's presence causes intimidation among criminals and arrhythmia among women.  The drive to apprehend this cruel murderer is insatiable.  The only thing Karst despises more than an open case is mediocre police work.

Instead of relaxing at his new home, just outside of Denver, Karst's pressure rises by the constant baiting from the inept local sheriff who wants him to leave the community.  With this kind of animosity smoldering, something is going to happen and it won't be pretty.

At Wallace Manor, Karst has a spitfire for a new friend rehabilitating from a broken hip.  Josie may be elderly, but her senses are sharp and she smells trouble.  No one, however, believes what she is saying.

Detective Karst's internal compass seems to be evolving, which only brings confusion until his psychic friend, Jennifer Parker, explains what is changing. Armed with this new knowledge, his favorite bourbon and tasty cheesecake, Karst must still pull out all the stops to get into the head of this serial killer.


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