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Editorial Reviews


--Midwest Book Review

Once again mystery/suspense writer Patricia A. Bremmer demonstrates her undeniable storytelling talent with the release of "Murder's A Cinch", the eighth title in her 'Elusive Clues Series' from Windcall Publishing. Denver homicide detective Glen Karst is up against a serial killer targeting theater actors. Complicating an already difficult assignment is the presence of the lovely Rebecca. When the killer targets her, Karst finds his personal life tangled up with his professional responsibilities. The action is fast paced, the characters deftly drawn, the ending a genuine and suspenseful cliff hanger. From first page to last, "Murder's A Cinch" is a totally engaging entertainment and highly recommended for fans of mystery/suspense in general, and Patricia A. Bremmer in particular!



--Writer's Digest
What a perfect gift to present with a pet for Christmas! (Or just a perfect pick for anyone who likes dogs.) The author combines humor with the sweet tale of two Christmas puppies. From the very first pages, the reader knows the tale will be told with a smile. Sharon holds a list adjacent to text that asks her what she wants for Christmas. The photo shows that Sharon is missing her two front teeth. Sharon is holding a list that asks for a puppy and two front teeth. The children will giggle! The reader will also enjoy the use of white throughout the story. On one level, white is the color the dogs need to camouflage themselves, but on another level, it is the constant theme that runs through the story. What a perfect book to find in a pet store!

--Midwest Book Review

The Christmas Westie is a holiday picture book especially for puppy lovers.  When a little girl named Sharon wishes for a Westie puppy, her parents sneak two white furry bundles of joy into the house-but then the puppies slip out of their secret pen and go on adventures!  They're always one step ahead of Sharon's parents until Santa himself discovers them hiding beneath the tree.  Gorgeously illustrated with masterful photographs of people and puppies getting into Christmas trouble, The Christmas Westie is sure to bring a smile to kids and adults alike.



--Midwest Book Review

Author Patricia A. Bremmer is a master of the mystery genre as documented by her six earlier titles in the 'Elusive Clue' series that includes "Tryst with Dolphins"; "Dolphins' Echo"; "Death Foreshadowed"; "Victim Wanted"; "Crystal Widow"; and "Clinical Death". Each of these is a minor masterpiece of deftly presented story telling. Now Bremmer returns with her newest mystery, "Mind Your Manors!" where two charred bodies present an especially tough case for Colorado's detective Glen Karst. Complicating matters is the hostility of an inept local sheriff who tries to run Karst out of town! Aided by Karst's psychic friend Jennifer Parker, a favorite bourbon and a tasty cheesecake, Karst weaves his way through a complex web to identify an elusive serial killer. Superbly detailed, populated throughout with engaging and memorable characters, deftly laid out from first page to last with plot twists leading to a surprising conclusion, "Mind Your Manors!" is a 'must read' for Bremmer's growing legion of fans -- and will aptly serve to introduce a master of the genre to a whole new generation of readers who will eagerly seek out her earlier works!

--Writer's Digest

The novel, a well-planned mystery, sustains suspense about who is responsible for the series of murders and the method of the mayhem.  The numerous characters are distinctive and credible, with interesting and believable interactions between them, both romantic and otherwise.  The detective working on the case and an elderly resident at a manor for ill and aged seniors, where the deaths are piling up, are particularly well drawn.  Sufficient surprises occur to keep readers guessing about who the culprit is, how the murders were accomplished, the motivation behind the crimes, and how the case was finally solved.  The dialogue, for the most part, is crisp and snappy.  Both the title and the cover are clever.



--Midwest Book Review

After having been recently shot, fired, and divorced, former homicide detective Glen Karst retreated to his small hometown just outside of Denver. The problem with his plans is that, after being reinstated at the Denver P.D., his first assigned case is that of a wife and mother being murdered in her own bedroom. The now widowed husband decides to play games with the detective because the incriminating evidence against him is missing. Then there is Jennifer Parker, Glen's psychic friend who helps him unlock talents he never suspected he has.

The sixth volume in a superbly crafted masterpiece of detailed storytelling that fully engages the reader from beginning to end with unpredictable plot twists, memorable characters and an unexpected conclusion.

--Lincoln Journal Star

You get a mystery and a puzzle with this Nebraska author. In her sixth "Elusive Clue Series" there is--as always--a hidden word puzzle that reveals the killer for those clever enough to find the page(s) and the name. Here, the venue is a small Colorado town a half hour away from Denver. A Denver homicide detective grew up there and has just purchased a nearby ranch homestead. He has dogs that need veterinary attention and that leads into the mystery. Some people in the neighborhood are dying off in rapid sequence and the county sheriff is too lazy and arrogant to understand that the victims are tied into the vet's clinic. Ah, the plot thickens. Glen Karst, the detective, is a handsome bachelor who likes bourbon and cheesecake and has plenty of local gals willing to provide both. He finds lots of interesting help from them to search out the killer. There are references to previous novels in the series here, but they don't really get in the way of a down-home, small-town, engaging mystery.

--Alex Kava (New York Times best-selling author)

"Clinical Death is mysteriously addictive.  Get a prescription for a couple of days off because you won't want to stop until the last page."

--Writer's Digest

The plot is distinctive, involving a mystery that revolves around an underground animal rescue project and a series of murders, which have an intriguing pattern.  The lead character, the detective, is an interesting personality and his motivations and efforts are well handled and very credible.  The element of psychic experiences is fascinating and well meshed into the narrative.  Other characters, and their assorted relationships—romantic and otherwise—are also well presented.  The dialogue, for the most part, advances the plot and illuminates the characters.  Dog lovers in particular will find the novel touching. The title creates interest.



--Writer's Digest

Crystal Widow is a very engrossing mystery with an almost fairy-tail like atmosphere about it.  Bremmer does a particularly good job creating a sense of familiarity to the characters, which makes the novel hard to put down.  The prose style is inviting and clear, and is well suited to the mystery genre.  While the characters are very flawed, their flaws only make reading about them that much more fun.  The characters and atmosphere of Crystal Widow are very compelling, and in a sense "make" the novel.  Structurally, the narrative clips along at a reasonable pace and again helps make Crystal Widow hard to put down.  The novel is very strong overall, we hope Bremmer writes more in this vein.  Crystal Widow is an engaging read that we recommend to those looking for a fast paced mystery.



--Writer's Digest

The action moves along quickly keeping the reader guessing. Maggi is a fun heroine. Tight structure, decent description and realistic dialog. This is a good book with plenty of conflict and an interesting hook. One of the best.



--Writer's Digest

Very interesting, well done and intriguing!  Good details on setting.  Love the "word puzzle" in the pages of the book to help solve the "whodunit".


DOLPHINS’ ECHO (Sequel to Tryst with Dolphins)

--Writer's Digest

The plot idea was very good and well thought out. The author obviously did her research and it shows that she enjoyed writing it. The size and choice of font makes it easy on the eyes.



--Writer's Digest

Bremmer's strength certainly must lie in her plotting. She builds an interesting series of incidents around a reunion of discontented women who consider how to kill their husbands. Bremmer created a plausible, or at least believable, mystery story that might have surprised some readers by the outcome, but getting there is fun.