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"Dolphins' Echo", the sequel to "Tryst with Dolphins" was written after readers wanted to know what happens next to the characters from the first book. "Dolphins Echo" continues the roller coaster ride of suspense and amazement from the first book with the characters bewildered by a heartless, scheming, killer who covers up the crimes with deadly precision. Reader response has been as strong for "Dolphins' Echo" as it was for "Tryst with Dolphins". Many liked it more because they were already acquainted with the characters. Once again that "elusive clue" word puzzle is present to keep you searching long after you've finished the book. Book club readers are enjoying reading the books and trying to solve the "elusive clue" together in their discussion groups.  Another very entertaining read. Both books read like watching a movie. Enjoy!


Want a Kindle version?  Click here  $4.99