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Karst is more than a great character...

He happens to be a real live detective!

Detective Karst, the sleuth in Patricia A. Bremmer's mystery novels, is best summed up as "the guy next door who's 50 % Bond and  50 % Walker".  His charm and charismatic intelligence balance perfectly with his rugged denim appearance while on the back of a horse.  His looks, personality, and talent offset his vice... er, love for top shelf bourbon and gourmet cheesecake!

Amazingly, the fictional character of Detective Karst remains true to the living, breathing, Detective Karst who makes his home in Denver, Colorado.  Karst's impressive work history speaks for itself. When he and Patricia A. Bremmer tour together he happily shares his experiences with their readers.   With his sharp wit and hearty laugh, he'll entertain you with his refreshing, common sense philosophical views on life, living, and our culture. (An extra glass of bourbon and slice of cheesecake will encourage him to speak longer.)

The real Detective Karst graduated from the Colorado Law Enforcement Academy after college, and has worked as a Police Detective in Persons Crimes almost his entire career.  His investigations have included homicide, sexual assault, assault, crimes against children, robbery, domestic violence, etc.  He has also worked extensively in narcotics and related areas such as surveillance and counter surveillance.  Karst served on his department's SWAT Team, and continues to teach defensive tactics and hand-to-hand combat.  His career has afforded him the opportunity to work with multiple Federal, State and local Law Enforcement Agencies such as ICE, the FBI, the DEA, and the U.S. Border Patrol.

Karst holds a level III certification in Homeland Security through the American College of Forensic Examiners, and maintains memberships in the Colorado Drug Investigators Association, the Clandestine Lab Investigators Association, the Colorado Association of Sex Crimes Investigators, and the Pacific Voice Stress Analysis Association.

Make plans to attend a booksigning or schedule one for your reader's group, library or bookstore to meet Detective Karst face to face.