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Death Foreshadowed Cover

    Patricia A. Bremmer brilliantly creates the third mystery novel of her "Elusive Clue" series.  Bremmer's sleuth, Detective Glen Karst, moves to center stage in this chilling present-day story of a small town murder during a harsh eastern Colorado winter.

    Once again, Patricia A. Bremmer has remarkably captured the reality of people face to face with a deadly crisis. The quick and seductive style of the "Elusive Clue" novels has been compared to the pace and feel of the television series "Law & Order" .

    The handsome Detective Karst showcases his cool-headedness and tempered logic while outside his big-city element of Denver. Karst must solve the crime with urgency while maintaining calm among his fellow detectives and a frantic town demanding answers.

    Like the other novels in her series, Bremmer has woven an "Elusive Clue" word puzzle into this mystery novel. The puzzle once solved, will give the name of the murderer. Beware, your detective skills will be challenged to find the puzzle before you can attempt to solve it!



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