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Crystal Widow

Crystal Widow is the fifth novel in Patricia A. Bremmer's "Elusive Clue Series".

Her mystery novels have a delightfully addictive and unique quality that sets them apart from mainstream mysteries.  True to her style, Bremmer has written Crystal Widow with a fast paced yet easy to follow plot.  Her characters melt into your mind's eye to become as real as your next door neighbor.

Crystal Widow is set in Omaha, Nebraska with Detective Glen Karst protecting a close friend and trying to solve an open case.  Still every woman's dream, Detective Karst humbly ignores his Grecian physique, preferring to use his impeccable manners and charm to gain the respect and trust of everyone he encounters.

While in Omaha Detective Karst's uncanny intuition is challenged to anticipate the danger he is about to confront.  At the same time, he meets a dysfunctional family plagued with death, strangely, to only the male family members.  His instincts tell him deadly trouble is only beginning for this family and he must intervene to save lives.

Patricia A. Bremmer never fails to satisfy her fans.  While reading a greatly crafted who-dun-it, Bremmer's readers are always on the look out for the clues that comprise the pieces of her "Elusive Clue" word puzzle.  Hidden in one or more places of her novels, Bremmer hides what will amount to an anagram puzzle that answers who the murderer is, purely for the confirmation and puzzle solving enjoyment of the reader.


Want a Kindle version?  Click here  $4.99