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An ordinary weekend hunting trip turns into a deadly nightmare when three bankers from Denver, Colorado embark on a pheasant-hunting trip during a snowy weekend. They cross state lines into the Nebraska cornfields where hunting proves to be exciting--in more ways than one. Bruce, a control-freak wife abuser and the president of a bank in Denver, defies, Paul, a mild-mannered rancher/farmer, when Paul denies them permission to hunt his land. Bruce puts himself and his two companions in grave danger with his arrogant attitude. Rick and Drew, in competition for a promotion, give in to Bruce’s every whim setting themselves up for danger as they join him on this hunting trip where they become the hunted. The men spend a frightening five hours being stalked by the ex-soldier with sniper training. Will they perish in the cold snowy cornfield? How does an abuser like Bruce face becoming the victim? Or will Paul become prey to three armed men?

Two exciting bonuses exist with this book.  One - 50% of Kindle sales and 20% of book sales from this website will be donated to domestic abuse programs.  Two - at the back of this book is the original short story that spawned CORNSTALKED the novel.


Want a Kindle version?  Click here  $4.99