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"Clinical Death is mysteriously addictive.  Get a prescription for a couple of days off because you won't want to stop until the last page."

NYT best-selling author--Alex Kava    www.alexkava.com

The ruggedly alluring sleuth, Detective Karst, is back like never before.  Divorced, wounded, and unemployed, he returns to his roots in the small town of Wallace, Colorado.  He's barely settled in the old Watkins place when his sixth sense tells him the recent deaths in Wallace are not accidents.

After convincing his sergeant to reinstate him, Colorado's best detective is faced with one of the toughest homicide investigations he has ever encountered-- a missing body leaves his trail of evidence cold.  While decompressing from the stress of his job, he's forced to flush out a serial killer in his own community.  He utilizes his highly polished crime scene skills, along with a new understanding of his intuitive abilities.  A common thread evades him until past characters help him unlock information surrounding him, in an ethereal sense! It's going to take more than a glass of his favorite bourbon and a slice of cheesecake to connect the dots in this string of homicides.



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