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I began writing Guided Destiny as a form of therapy to help me to cope with the loss of my son.  I wanted to remember every aspect of his remarkable life and the journey he took us on.  Never before had I met someone so astonishing. To be his parent was a true honor. 

The first days of writing were filled with tears.  Then as the days progressed I felt as if we were reliving his life together.  What I did not expect to happen were the words that appeared on the paper.  Words, that were not mine, words I believe came through the soul of my son through my fingers onto the keys. 

Each day as I typed his biography he shared with me the truth of human existence.  I learned of the spiritual realm and the eternal life of the soul encased in each and every human body. 

His words awakened the soul within me; the connection between us grew even stronger.  The purpose of his existence became more and more apparent with each consecutive chapter.  He taught me about the levels of the souls in the universe.  A soul is made up of energy and energy cannot die.  Most religions confirm that a soul never dies.  What I learned were the many lives of souls--reincarnation.

Each time a soul returns to earth for a learning experience it advances.  The more advanced the soul the more open-minded to the entire concept.  Soul memory allows that soul to accept, learn, love, and grow.  A lower level soul, or a newcomer to earth, may be more selfish, close-minded, and incapable of understanding much about its existence, being resistant to the entire concept of who he is, where he came from, and to where he will return.

Many will read this book and think they do not understand or believe, but an awakening will take place on a soul level.  A necessary lesson will be learned whether it is consciously acknowledged or not.

Living life with a child prodigy caused us to be open and accepting of the uniqueness of each and every human being.  His lesson on earth was minor compared to his teachings in this book.  I now know we were together before we came to earth, that we shared life on earth and we will be together again when we leave this earth--a full circle of love.

The book is comprised of two parts, the true biography of Brandenn Bremmer and his spiritual message written in italics.

Guided Destiny is available now as an e-book.  Click here to purchase a Kindle version at Amazon's site.  In 2012 Guided Destiny will be available in hardcover at your favorite bookstore or online retailer.  Check back for more release announcements.